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DJ DIMCO aka Dimitris Costantinou, Interested in music since the early age of 12. He is known for his passion for music and he delivers the party dance vibes to the people in the venue he DJ's with his chosen tunes. Born 3rd July, he is a half German half Cypriot Dj and producer from Larnaca-Cyprus. Started dj in many bars and clubs in Cyprus including Agia Napa. Tracks: 2011 - EP "Creations" featuring Melanie Louise "feels i m falling" and "come and kiss me" recorded at VoiceBox studios. 2013 - E.P "Hoping" featuring Jessica Winky Campbell "In the night" and "Eternity" recorded at VoiceBox studios. 2017 - "In The Night" - "Take this Higher(re edit mix)" Promoted by Ice Box Records. 2017 - "Eternity"(DJ UltraHardGain remix)promoted by Italian Records 2017 - "Inside me" feat DJ Ultrahardgainer promoted by Scent and Sound Records. 2018 - "Feels Im falling" ft Melanie Louise(Dj Dimco mix) "Feels Im falling" ft Melanie Louise(Van DL ft Antonis Zonias remix) promoted by My Neighborhood Recordings. 2020 - "Melodicious" promoted by My Neighborhood Recordings, plus his first video clip. 2021 - French Kiss with L3fkios feat. Felinia promoted by My Neighborhood Recordings 2021 - Bellsamania by My Neighborhood Recordings. Keep an eye on this guy. Follow him for updates and releases at: 2022 - Uplifting by My Neighborhood Recordings 2022 - By my side by My Neighbohood Recordings 2022 - Everytime I see you by My Neighbohood Recordings 2023 - Van dl, Dj Dimco - beautiful mind by Vesta Records together with the remixes of Pavlin Petrov , Nerutto, Nightnews. 2023 - Older by My Neighborhood Recordings Web page:

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